Profile: Mr. Charles Horn

Charles Horn received his BA from Simon Fraser University, and his MA in Political Theory from the University of Victoria, where he is currently a doctoral candidate in Political Science. His research interests focus on governance issues, particularly in urban and Aboriginal communities, homelessness, British Columbia electoral politics, and the analysis of professional writing. Charles also maintains a personal and research interest in the politics of Zimbabwe (where he is from).

Charles worked as a negotiator and policy analyst for the British Columbia government for 15 years, doing self-government, treaty, and child welfare negotiations. He currently has a consulting business. Current and recent projects include co-managing an oilfield and forestry services business; providing program and organizational development to non-profits, and producing and editing technical documentation.

Contact Information:
Mr. Charles Horn
Independent Scholar
Springbok Management Services
766 Walfred Road
Victoria, British Columbia
V9C 2N9

Phone: 250.480.9818
Fax: 250.478.2714
Email: charleshorn [at]