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Aboriginal Communities and Urban Sustainability
Aboriginal Economic Development in Winnipeg

Aboriginal Education in Canada: A Plea for Integration
Aboriginal Education in Canada as Internal Colonialism
Aboriginal Education in Timmins, aired April 2, 2010
Aboriginal Education in Winnipeg Inner City High Schools
Aboriginal Education Strategy - Backgrounder
Aboriginal Off-Reserve Education: Time For Action
Aboriginal Peoples and Post Secondary Education in Canada
Aboriginal Policy Research Initiative
Aboriginal Presence in Our Schools: A Guide For Staff
Aboriginal Women in Canada: Strategic Research Directions For Policy Development



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Bringing Aboriginal Education into Conventional Education: Nourishing the Learning Spirit
Building a Brighter Future for Urban Aboriginal Children: Report of the Standing Committee on Human Resources Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities


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Creating a Robust Social Enterprise Sector in Winnipeg



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Dealing with Diversity: Some Propositions from Canadian Education
The Decolonization of Aboriginal Education: Dialogue, Reflection and Action in Canada
Directory of Aboriginal Services, Issues, and Initiatives



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Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada 2001
Emerging Themes in Academic Research in Urban Aboriginal Identities in Canada, 1996–2010
Excuse Me: Who Are the First Peoples of Canada? A Historical Analysis of Aboriginal Education in Canada Then and Now
Explorations in Urban Aboriginal Neighbourhood Development


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Family, community, and Aboriginal language among young First Nations children living off Reserve in Canada
Federal Framework for Aboriginal Economic Development
Finding Your Allies Where You Can: How Canadian Courts Drive Aboriginal Policy in Canada



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Geographies of Urban Aboriginal People in Canada: Implications for Urban Self-Government


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In a Voice of Their Own: Urban Aboriginal Community Development

Indigenous Governance in Winnipeg and Ottawa: Making Space for Self-Determination
The Invisible Infrastructure: Urban Aboriginal Institutions and Organizations


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Journey to Economic Independence: BC First Nations' Perspectives


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Keep Them Coming Back For More: Urban Aboriginal Youth's Perceptions and Experiences of Wholistic Education in Vancouver



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Learning Styles, Classroom Management, Teacher Characteristics and Rural-Urban Aboriginal People: Some thoughts
A Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography on Aspects of Aboriginal Child Welfare in Canada



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Marginalization, Decolonization and Voice: Prospects for Aboriginal Education in Canada


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Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations in Winnipeg’s Inner City: Practical Activism in a Complex Environment
New Federal Framework on Aboriginal Economic Development: National Aboriginal Youth Engagement Session
Not Strangers in These Parts: Urban Aboriginal Peoples



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Reconciling Aboriginal Diversity in Learning Systems
Respecting the Seventh Generation: A Voluntary Plan for Relocating Non-Viable Native Reserves
Resting Lightly on Mother Earth: The Aboriginal Experience in Urban Educational Settings
The Role of Aboriginal Parents in Public Education: Barriers to Change in an Urban Setting
Roundtable on Urban Aboriginal Governance: Towards a New Aboriginal Governance Agenda


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Seeing like a Circle: Perspectives on the Field from a Dialogue on Urban Aboriginal Economic Development
Seeking Common Ground: A Compendium of Reccomendations for Early Community Engagement in Mining
Socioeconomic Status and Native Education in Canada
The State of the First Nation Economy and the Struggle to Make Poverty History
The State of the Friendship Centre Movement: 2009


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Toronto Aboriginal Research Project (TARP): Final Report
Two Policy Approaches to Native Education: Can Reform be Legislated?


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Urban Aboriginal Communities: Proceedings of the Roundtable on the Health of Urban Aboriginal People

Urban Aboriginal Economic Development: A Friendship Centre Perspective

Urban Aboriginal Governance: Developments and Issues
Urban Aboriginal People in Western Canada: Realities and Policies
The Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study

Urban Aboriginal Strategy Funding Database
Urban Aboriginal Youth: An Action Plan for Change Final Report
Urban Nexus
Urbanization and Migration Patterns of Aboriginal Populations in Canada: A Half Century in Review (1951 to 2006)



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What Now? Future Federal Responsibilities Towards Aboriginal People Living in Cities
Winnipegs’ Best-Kept Secret: A Community Development Vision for Sherbrook Pool