First Network Gathering

The purpose of the Ottawa network gathering was to build relationships between participants from government, academia and community practice. Many of us work in the field of Urban Aboriginal Economic Development and we have set the foundation for a network that will grow over the next three years.


 Chaordic Stepping Stones
Chaordic Stepping Stones are a tool that we used to organize the network gathering.

 Life Cycle of Emergence
This article describes how to use emergence to create change. It goes over the three stages of emergence; networks, communities of practice and systems of influence.

 World Café to Go
This is an overview of the World Café method of hosting meetings.

 Open Space Technology Overview
This is an overview of Open Space Technology, a tool that was used at the gathering.

Information Sent to the Participants

 Letter of Invitation
This is the original letter that we sent to the potential attendees over the summer of 2008.

 Getting to Know Each Other
Before the gathering took place the participants were asked four questions about the network and their interest in it. These are the responses.

 Conference Binder
This is the original binder that was given to the conference attendees.

 Thank You Letter
This is the original letter that was sent to the delegates after the Ottawa gathering


Gathering Harvest

This will take you a page with results from our two-day network gathering.