Aboriginal Council of Lethbridge

We are a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to improving social economic conditions of urban Aboriginal People and the building of bridges with respect to Aboriginal culture and community. The purpose of the Aboriginal Council of Lethbridge is to ensure that the services are meeting the socio-economic needs of Aboriginal People now and into the future. The basic challenge of the committee is the focus on social inclusion of Aboriginal people within the community, as well as providing a bridge between cultural differences (Website April 13 2010).

Contact Information:


k.english [at] aboriginalcounciloflethbridge.ca 
scout_c [at] aboriginalcounciloflethbridge.ca

Suite 208-200, 4th Avenue South 
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4C9

Phone: (403) 320-7699
Fax: (403) 317-7716