Kla-how-eya Aboriginal Centre of SACS

Our mission is to support activities that promote the health and economic well being of Aboriginal people and promote the resurgence of resident Aboriginal culture, language and teachings, particularly those of local residency.

The name Kla-how-eya is a greeting meaning, “Welcome!” or “how are you?” in the Chinook language, commonly used for trading purposes.

Originally called Surrey Aboriginal Cultural Society, Kla-how-eya has become our name to compliment our new Centre. Starting in 1996, SACS has grown to have seven different departments and we are getting closer to our vision for the Community (website accessed June 25th, 2010).

Contact Information


13629 - 108th Avenue 
Surrey BC, V3T 2K4

Phone: (604) 584-2008 
Fax: (604) 588-1850