Native Investment and Trade Association

NITA is an Aboriginal non-profit association formed in 1989. The organization is dedicated to encouraging Aboriginal self-reliance by promoting participation in mainstream enterprise. NITA is committed to improving the lives or ordinary Aboriginal folk, Canadians or people by “investing in self-reliance” (NITA's motto) through strengthening Aboriginal participation in the economy. Since its inception, NITA has operated independent of any core government funding and has sought through its operation to be an example of Aboriginal self-sufficiency. Taken as a whole, NITA is a communications organization with the ability to reach and encourage constructive dialogue and direct business activity with every sector of the Aboriginal community.

NITA was founded in 1989 to promote economic self-reliance and strengthen Aboriginal participation in the mainstream economy. To carry out this mandate, it has organized approximately 90 national events throughout its history.

Most events have focused on key economic and training issues that are fundamental to the growth and well-being of Aboriginal Canada. While NITA remains one of the premier event organizers in Aboriginal Canada, its activities have grown to include production of useful Aboriginal business directories, and houses and markets one of the largest libraries of Aboriginal business publications in Canada.

Since 1989, NITA has developed one of the best databases on Aboriginal business in Canada. In essence, NITA has evolved into a sophisticated communications organization--possibly able to inform the Aboriginal community about breaking developments more rapidly and effectively than any other organization in Canada.

In addition, NITA is developing a sophisticated, highly useful web portal that will provide a variety of valuable services to Aboriginal Canada. Such services include:

  1. access for small Aboriginal businesses to web E-commerce through the new NITAnet storefront;

  2. the first on line Aboriginal directory in Canada;

  3. sectoral forums that will provide valuable information and contacts;

  4. the NITAnet trading board that will allow the postings of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organizations looking for opportunities, employment, business partners, etc.;

  5. an entirely new kind of web platform for Aboriginal people to purchase goods and services;

  6. eventually NITA have available full webcasting production studio for the development of Aboriginal programming, webcasting marketing and product placement opportunities.

NITA will continue to evolve with the growing Aboriginal community in Canada (website accessed June 30th, 2010).

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