Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is having the knowledge, skills, and ability to understand, analyze, and use information to make informed financial decisions.

The Aboriginal Business and Community Development Centre aims to improve Financial Literacy in the community by hosting FREE Financial Literacy workshops to various groups and individuals. Workshops are interactive and conversation-based and cover topics such as banking, money management, saving, borrowing money, debt, and credit.

Workshops can be hosted to pre-arranged groups of individuals such as Women’s Groups, Adult Education Groups, etc. Group workshops are generally held over a 9:30-3:30 work day at your location although specialized arrangements can be made. Preferred group size is between 5 and 12 individuals. To book a group workshop, contact us at (250) 562- 6325

Financial Literacy Tip of the Month: 

Try to pay cash for everything - saves interest charged on credit card payments. Or charge everything on a credit card that accumulates points. Pay off the balance every month (be careful here about how much you charge on it), then use the points for gift cards at your favorite retailer or restaurant.

Funding for our Financial Literacy Program generously George Nechako Aboriginal Employment Training Association.

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